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IoT Holiday Lights – Demonstration and Conclusion

Preface  My project for the Internet of Holoday lights was based around our living room which was not very livable. It was a mess and with the upcoming holidays I wanted to set the living room in such a way that it would be suitable for entertaining guests. Additionally I wanted to accomplish the above… Continue reading IoT Holiday Lights – Demonstration and Conclusion

Office IoT with Cypress Analog PSOC, Projects

PSOC Office Monitor and Control

The Problem Statement Like many people, I work in a room with a workbench, lights, fans, Air-Conditioning and bench test equipment etc. During work hours I have a habit of taking trips away from the bench for a multitude of reasons which includes visits to the little boy’s room, taking personal phones calls, 15 minutes… Continue reading PSOC Office Monitor and Control

IoT2020: Boiler Control, Projects

IoT Boiler Controller using Siemens IoT 2020

INTRODUCTION In the April of 2017, RS components and The Breadboard launched a competition on and challenged us to create a project using the Siemens IoT2020. The theme was industrial automation since the IoT2000 is designed for industrial applications and the sky was the limit. My idea was to explore the capabilities of the… Continue reading IoT Boiler Controller using Siemens IoT 2020

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Blinking an LED on the Raspberry Pi

Introduction The Raspberry Pi offers an array of general purpose Input-Output pins(GPIOs) which enables software running on the Linux computer to sense events in the physical world as well as effect it in very simple ways. A software program can be used to read a switch or even a sensor connected to the GPIOs in… Continue reading Blinking an LED on the Raspberry Pi

Office IoT with Cypress Analog PSOC, Projects

Starting Out with the Cypress PSOC Analog Co-Processor Pioneer Kit

  This week I take a look at the Cypress Analog Co Processor Kit. The official website is at and in my video, I take a look at the PSOC Kit as well as the PSOC Creator Software. Like and subscribe to support! Thanks

BBC Microbit, Projects

BBC Microbit Line Follower pt-2

Introduction The BBC microbit is a simple development board for children to learn programming with and has been distributed to schools in the UK free of cost. You can buy the BBC micro:bit individually or in kit form with basic add ons from Kitronics in the UK here[LINK} In the first part, we studied how… Continue reading BBC Microbit Line Follower pt-2

Intel Edison Gardener, Projects

Intel Edison based Garden Management System

Introduction A lot of people think about starting gardening as a hobby and some even imagine growing their own vegetables and fruits at home. However as a consequence of busy schedules, most of us will never get the time to maintain the garden the way we want. Plants need consistent care and look after to… Continue reading Intel Edison based Garden Management System

Embedded Products, Reviews & Teardowns

The CodeyBot Review

The codeybot is a Makeblock product that was launched on kickstarter and is a wheeled robot that is targeted towards education and experimentation. It can be programmed using the mBlocky app downloadable from the Play store as well as the App Store. It can also be controlled using a limited set of voice commands as… Continue reading The CodeyBot Review

BBC Microbit

BBC Micro Bit – A Line Following Robot Part 1

The BBC Microbic is a small ARM based, user friendly, micro controller targeted towards computer education in the UK. It has been developed by the partnership of a long list of organisations including Microsoft, Element14, Nordic, NXP and many more. (Click here for the wikipedia link) The intended audience is school children and there are… Continue reading BBC Micro Bit – A Line Following Robot Part 1