A little something on Eagle PCB and Gerber issues

I have recently started moving my PCB work flow to Eagle PCB because of some issues with Orcad and I have a post coming up on an Eagle vs Orcad very soon. What I wanted share in this post is a problem I faced when dealing with gerber files generated with Eagle CAM Processor. Now... Continue Reading →


Cadence Orcad Layout is one of those tools that really have no end. There are so many settings and sub-tools that a few months of inactivity would render you lost. Here is one of the problems I faced. I was trying to get the copper pour to flow and include the attached net instead of... Continue Reading →

Orcad vs Eagle: Yet Another Comparison.

Introduction I read a lot of articles online with regards to Board design Software and two names kept popping up: "Cadence Orcad" and "Cadsoft Eagle". I have been an avid user of Orcad since 2005 and have learned to use it more professionally and accurately with the years. I have also invested a lot of... Continue Reading →

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