Setting up a CC3200 with Energia

Introduction & Background Bits This blog post is part of a Project titled "IoT Lamp" and also serves as a tutorial for the CC3200 and Energia beginner. I wanted to have a wireless connection to the light so that I may be able to control the color, brightness etc like in the case of phillips... Continue Reading →

A World of MQTT on ESP8266

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MQTTFrom no-where, I’ve been immersed in the world of MQTT for the past day or two. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know I’ve been working on home control for years, mainly as a hobby and so mainly on a budget. I’ve tried several systems out there and eventually settled on doing my own thing because many of the packages have been developed so far then stopped or they’re very complicated or expensive etc..

ESP8266My earlier posts will show you that I’m walking around with a mobile phone with fairly decent control over 3 properties right now, so it’s not that I don’t have solutions – but the controls could be more responsive, I’ve had a hell of a time with the NRF24L01 radios which I plan soon to put up against a wall and shoot and I was in the process of swapping over to some 433Mhz units…

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Working with Anaren AIR Booster Pack

Suraj M Shanbhag

hey guys ,

I bought the Anaren booster pack a month ago. It was my first time working with a rf module and msp.When i looked at the firmware of the booster supplied by anaren it drove me crazy. I’m sure that you might have felt the same. They  have used extensive generalization to include all possibilities and not to mention the cross referencing to be done to make it work. Me and my  friends tried to understand the code . But it was too confusing and hence we stopped. So I wrote the firmware myself. In this tutorial let us see how to do the same . In the code to follow we will use two launchpads and 2 AIR booster packs. I’ve changed the pin connections a little to communicate through UART . So basically we will be sending text from one computer to another by means of…

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Internet of Things – Unraveling technology demands & developments

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Every generation is said to tune into current vibration levels and raise it higher for evolution. Evolution of both technology and human life is marked by greater finesse, vividness and presence, all of it driven by evolution of thought. The concept of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is an inspiring vision to bring together innumerable technology advancements in computing & communications, and further evolve those through innovation, to improve quality of human life by interconnecting physical and cyber worlds. High-profile IoT applications include Industrial Control, Home Automation, Smart Retail, Connected Health, Hi-tech Cities, Intelligent Transportation and Logistics .


Figure – IoT Applications (Source: IoT-A)

Per Business Insider Intelligence [refer figure below], Internet of Things will connect devices in never-seen-before scale and at a faster pace than the industry has witnessed so far with PCs/smartphones/tablets, or in the future with wearables. And so the challenge in bringing alive Internet of Things…

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Looking at the current state of politics in India, this rocks!

Patch Antenna Design in HFSS in progress & coming soon... Wish me luck.

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