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Single Board Computers- The Arduino YUN Review

Prelude Hackers and hobbyists have used the arduino for a diverse number of projects and have made it a very popular. Its simple to use and easy to program. For people who have a slightly 'more' requirement, ARM based single boards came into the market. Initially the ARM boards were tougher to build and program… Continue reading Single Board Computers- The Arduino YUN Review

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The Raspberry Pi Power Analysis featuring the Tektronix Scope

Introduction I am waiting for my stuff to get delivered which are basically parts and parts. One of features of my design is that the raspberry pi center piece is portable, ie it can be moved from one location of the house to the other. For this I needed to add a battery backup which… Continue reading The Raspberry Pi Power Analysis featuring the Tektronix Scope

CapSense MBR3 with Arduino Nano
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CapSense MBR3 Evaluation Kit – Review

Introduction A lot of projects and products involve a user interface which is buttons and switches and knobs. The cost of industry grade panel push buttons is really high and it gets worse as the buttons become environment proof. With that said, Capacitive Touch sensing has come in to replace mechanical buttons and the Cypress… Continue reading CapSense MBR3 Evaluation Kit – Review

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TI Fuel Tank BoosterPack & MSP430F5529 Launchpad – Review

Disclamer: I respect the work put in my every design engineer. I understand that they did the best job that they could and will learn over time. This text is in no way telling anyone that they did a bad job. I'm just suggesting changes which may or may not be practical or even usefu… Continue reading TI Fuel Tank BoosterPack & MSP430F5529 Launchpad – Review

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Review: PiFace Control and Design

Introduction The raspberry pi is a cheap and highly customizable single board computer with gpio pins which can be used to control electronics. There are many ways to expand the functionality of the pi and a company called piface is in the business of making add on boards to do just that. One of the… Continue reading Review: PiFace Control and Design

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Unboxing the Arduino Uno

>"Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments." - I have really been looking at projects with a good community support. Typically PICs are very popular because the tools are really cheap and easily available.… Continue reading Unboxing the Arduino Uno

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Unboxing the MSP430 eZ430-RF2500

> I really wanted to experiment with some wireless sensor networks, so I went looking about a year back. One of the Texas Instruments Reps was gracious enough to lend me his demo kit and well I wanted to show it off. There is a new kit available from TI nowadays, but don't know if I will… Continue reading Unboxing the MSP430 eZ430-RF2500