EnOcean Programming: Blinking LED on the TCM330

Introduction My quadcopter was supposed to take first flight this weekend but since it is now a 'minion battle royale', I thought I would kick it up a notch. Batman was abducted from my workbench and now Pikachu is sitting there alone. I thought Minion Dave would make an excellent addition and hence I am... Continue Reading →

Tutorial for Interfacing OpenHAB with EnOcean Pi

Introduction In my last post, I discussed how to get OpenHAB up and running. For the "Forget me not" Design Challenge, one of the sponsors is EnOcean and they were gracious enough to supply us with a basic kit and EnOcean Pi. This is a brief write up of what "I think" is happening. If... Continue Reading →

Designing A System Of IOTs- Rant!

When we start working on a project, we start by isolating a problem and then designing a solution for it. For the Internet of things, this means having a device connected to the internet and sending the desired info online. My project being part of the Forget me not challenge meant that I was going... Continue Reading →

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