Single Board Computers- The Arduino YUN Review

Prelude Hackers and hobbyists have used the arduino for a diverse number of projects and have made it a very popular. Its simple to use and easy to program. For people who have a slightly 'more' requirement, ARM based single boards came into the market. Initially the ARM boards were tougher to build and program... Continue Reading →

Using Eclipse with Arduino on Windows: Uploading and Compiler Flags

Arduino IDE project used library There is a segment at about how to use the arduino IDE project library. I am basically rewriting it like I did it. Step 1: Verify that you have downloaded the Arduino-0023 In the Last tutorial we had made sure that our downloaded core and files were in place... Continue Reading →

Adding Password Protection to Your Embedded Project

Introduction Enter Password Passwords and such small bits and pieces of information are generally stored in eeproms in digital systems. While developing such a system the general methodology is that the user is made to enter a predefined length of characters which is encrypted using an algorithm and a key. This encrypted password is then... Continue Reading →

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