The Quadcopter Project – A little Less DIY


I started a series of posts on how to build a Quadcopter from scratch and in the previous posts, I had explained the basic hardware build. I built up the wooden frame and mounted the motors, speed controllers and props and I also did a basic test. The brainless beast was able to takeoff but it cannot even stay straight. Hence we now need some sensors and a brain to control the quad and so in the next few posts, we will talk about designing the flight controller from scratch. Sounds complicated? In a related post, (Self Balancing Robot – Temporary Diversion from the Quadcopter Project – Demo )I demonstrated a self balancing robot that was based on the same principle. I discussed the math behind it and in this post, I tell you about the flight controller and remote. A picture of the frame with the ESC is given below. Continue reading “The Quadcopter Project – A little Less DIY”

Quadcopter Project- Part 3 – The Math!



I started to build a quadcopter from scratch and in the previous posts, I covered making the frame from scrap wood and bought the motors and ESC. I also tried to power the thing up with a basic output but that did not work.

In this post, I explain the theory behind the quadcopter brain. Continue reading “Quadcopter Project- Part 3 – The Math!”