Designing an IoT Modular Light feat. TI

Its been a while since this project and I really havn’t had the time to write a blogpost in a while. Last year, I made an IoT light for the roadtest plus where I used a lot of technology from Texas Instruments and Wurth Electronics. TI was kind enough to showcase the build on their power house blog and I wrote a two part series for the same.  Continue reading “Designing an IoT Modular Light feat. TI”

The Age of Information: Internet Of Things and Everthing

Prelude – Age industrial age

The industrial age came about with the advent of the desire of people to live better lives and have access to facilities. These higher standards of living were attained by the use of machines and chemicals and so the agricultural society was slowly supplanted by the Industrial one. People moved to careers in the industry which was based on production of all kinds of things from electricity to electric products, from transportation and construction to consumer appliances etc. The jobs were well paying and cities grew where there were once farms and they saw growth. Happy times! Continue reading “The Age of Information: Internet Of Things and Everthing”