My Story Of Persistence with persistence on OpenHAB. AND a tutorial on Rule and Timers

Introduction The raspberry pi does not have the conventional x86 architecture for a processor. Instead it has an ARM processor running at 400MHz. Now this means that even though you are running Linux and even though you can compile the same program using GCC on ARM as on a PC, the output of the compiler... Continue Reading →

Working with unsigned drivers in windows 8.1

I have a couple of open source tools such as “Bus Pirate” and “Open Logic Sniffer” from Dangerous prototypes and I recently upgraded my workbench with a Lenovo Flex 14 which is a Windows 8.1 Touch Laptop with loads of goodies. Now for the most part I am liking the new window 8.1 mostly because... Continue Reading →

Python 3 and 2 Meet Twitter

There has been a lot of confusion with regards to accessing twitter with python. For people like me who had used python 2.4 etc with twitter are wondering why their scripts are not working anymore. I dug mine out from an old backup only to find that it not only has problems with twitter but... Continue Reading →

Wiimote and GlovePIE

> I went through some old stuff I had in boxes and I dug up two things that I thought were very useful. An Old Bluetooth Headset. A Nintendo Wiimote. The Bluetooth headset was in pretty bad shape and I thought it only fair to put it out of its misery. So I cut it... Continue Reading →

Download web pages in BASH: From binkley’s BLOG

BASH is quite amazing. From Bhaskar V. Karambelkar comes Bash shell tricks and this gem (with some small corrections): function headers() { server=$1 port=${2:-80} exec 5<>/dev/tcp/$server/$port echo -ne "HEAD / HTTP/1.0\r\nHost: $server:$port\r\n\r\n" >&5 cat <&5 exec 5<&-; } I work behind a corporate firewall, so I need web proxy settings. No problem, BASH is still amazing: function... Continue Reading →

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