Motor Driver Test on an Arduino

Introduction There are prolly a billion tutorials for this and mine is prolly not the best but I am writing it anyways. Here is a piece of arduino code that can be used to test if your motor driver is connected correctly. Connections I am assuming that the motor driver L293D or L298 has been... Continue Reading →

The Poorman’s Robotics: Sensors

Sensors 101  A sensor doesn't necessarily mean sight. Some times a sensor is able to pick up much more information like temperature, light, color, velocity, acceleration, inclination, altitude, depth, pressure etc. Depending upon the quantity to be measured and the environment where it will be measured, the sensors will vary. The basic principle however remain the same. Balanced whetstone, conversion techniques etc... Continue Reading →

The Poorman’s Robotics: Power

Introduction A robot is not necessarily a machine with arms or legs or even wheels. If the robot is a stationary machine as in case of robots like arm(welding and assembly line) robots, then the power supply is usually as simple as having transformers or SMPS etc. then using regulators for supplying the required currents.... Continue Reading →

The Poorman’s Robotics: The Processor

The Processor or Controller or Control Logic For any robotic project it is important that the working logic be flexible enough to allow changes and modifications. In order to achieve that, a microcontroller is employed and the working algorithm is programmed into it using either assembly language or C language.  In India the most commonly... Continue Reading →

Roybot Strolls again.

OK this is not a boxy kinda entry. I made this little robot a few years back and I kinda lost its control hardware plus software when I was traveling through India. Well since I am in the process of readying a new Bot, so I thought it would be nice to give my old... Continue Reading →

Micromouse Chassis

For any hobbyist, in microcontroller based designs, the micromouse is the qualifying project. The micromouse is nothing but an autonomous robot, which is required to solve a maze in the minimum time possible. I started with the design of the chassis. I wrote some papers on it too. I started off with two such toys... Continue Reading →

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