The DIY Quadcopter Project


Flying is something that has been part of man’s wish forever. We have wanted to take to the sky ever since we first saw a bird fly and with the advent of technology we can travel by air across the world. However a personal flight experience is something unique and the closes we have come to a personal flying vehicle is an RC aircraft.

RC hobby has taken the world by storm and with electronics getting cheaper, getting into the hobby is easier than ever. A quadcopter is something that can take flight, hold it’s position in air and you have do a lot with one. However the bigger they become, the more expensive it gets and in this tutorial I highlight the step I took to create my own quadcopter.


I made the frame from scrap wood, got the motors, props, RC transmitter/receiver and flightcontroller from ebay and put everything together at my convenience. This is my first quad and prolly not my last and I hope you can get something out of my experience.

The General Instructions


I made an instructable for the quadcopter which is available at:

and a Seeedstudio Recipe which is available at

If you are also interested in the build process, please take a look at:


The demonstration

Here is the video of my mark I prototype with throttle at 5% and me trying to stabilise it. I checked it and the remote is also a bit problematic as the PWM outputs do not stay stable even with the sticks in a set location. Will post more on this later.

What next?

I am a teacher by profession and this project is a means for me to explain control systems and electronics to my students. I have posted the theory in my build logs and will continue to work on it in the future. Please stay tuned for more.



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