Designing an IoT Modular Light feat. TI

Its been a while since this project and I really havn’t had the time to write a blogpost in a while. Last year, I made an IoT light for the roadtest plus where I used a lot of technology from Texas Instruments and Wurth Electronics. TI was kind enough to showcase the build on their power house blog and I wrote a two part series for the same.  Continue reading “Designing an IoT Modular Light feat. TI”

A guide to the CC3200


The challenge is to create a system for air quality sensing which can operate without human intervention. My idea is to create a system that can measure air quality indoors and outdoors and log this data to the Sierra Wireless System. For the indoor unit, I have a CC3200 power unit which can measure temperature and an MICS5524 sensor which can measure air pollutants and connects to the cloud over wifi. It is powered by the TI Fuel Booster Pack and charged wirelessly with the Wurth Electronics Wireless Charging System. All parts are TI and Wurth Electronics. Continue reading “A guide to the CC3200”

TI Fuel Tank BoosterPack & MSP430F5529 Launchpad – Review

TI Fuel Booster PackDisclamer: I respect the work put in my every design engineer. I understand that they did the best job that they could and will learn over time. This text is in no way telling anyone that they did a bad job. I’m just suggesting changes which may or may not be practical or even usefu

I started out very excited and looking at the specs, the big picture was very nice. When I started working with the kit, things really did not go as planned and this review is more of a rant than anything. Ti Should take notes and if they are really interested in the hobby market, they should take my suggestions into consideration.
Lets begin. Continue reading “TI Fuel Tank BoosterPack & MSP430F5529 Launchpad – Review”