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Blinking an LED on the Raspberry Pi

Introduction The Raspberry Pi offers an array of general purpose Input-Output pins(GPIOs) which enables software running on the Linux computer to sense events in the physical world as well as effect it in very simple ways. A software program can be used to read a switch or even a sensor connected to the GPIOs in… Continue reading Blinking an LED on the Raspberry Pi

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Designing an IoT Modular Light feat. TI

Its been a while since this project and I really havn't had the time to write a blogpost in a while. Last year, I made an IoT light for the Element14.com roadtest plus where I used a lot of technology from Texas Instruments and Wurth Electronics. TI was kind enough to showcase the build on… Continue reading Designing an IoT Modular Light feat. TI

IOT Holiday Lights - System Diagram
IOT Holiday Lights

IOT Holiday Lights- System Design

Brief The basic idea is to connect living room lighting to the internet and make them work together with holiday lighting so that the entire system functions as a whole. In this post I discuss the structure of the system. Straight to the system The system is quite simple. I drew up a diagram for… Continue reading IOT Holiday Lights- System Design