IOT Air Quality Sensor: Firecracker After math Analyzer

Prelude Pollution is a big problem today and its an ever increasing problem. It is said that prevention is better than cure, but a lot of people will spread pollution for personal reasons and create an environment which is un-health and with serious long term problems. Our cities are growing and spreading everyday and the... Continue Reading →

The Age of Information: Internet Of Things and Everthing

Prelude - Age industrial age The industrial age came about with the advent of the desire of people to live better lives and have access to facilities. These higher standards of living were attained by the use of machines and chemicals and so the agricultural society was slowly supplanted by the Industrial one. People moved... Continue Reading →

Designing A System Of IOTs- Rant!

When we start working on a project, we start by isolating a problem and then designing a solution for it. For the Internet of things, this means having a device connected to the internet and sending the desired info online. My project being part of the Forget me not challenge meant that I was going... Continue Reading →

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