Starting Out with the Cypress PSOC Analog Co-Processor Pioneer Kit


This week I take a look at the Cypress Analog Co Processor Kit. The official website is at and in my video, I take a look at the PSOC Kit as well as the PSOC Creator Software.

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CapSense MBR3 Evaluation Kit – Review

CapSense MBR3 with Arduino Nano


A lot of projects and products involve a user interface which is buttons and switches and knobs. The cost of industry grade panel push buttons is really high and it gets worse as the buttons become environment proof. With that said, Capacitive Touch sensing has come in to replace mechanical buttons and the Cypress CapSense MBR3 does exactly that. The solution is a single chip auto calibration system which does most things for you. Most Capacitive Touch sensing solutions offered need a lot of technical expertise but Cypress claims that their solution is just easier to use. I will be reviewing the developer side of the solution as opposed to the kit itself. Continue reading “CapSense MBR3 Evaluation Kit – Review”