Receiving the Ben Heck Xbox One Tablet Portable Build

Element14 held a contest where they would give away the XBox One build to one lucky member and guess what. That was me. I received the XBox One Portable from the Ben Heck show via UPS who totally destroyed the casing. I was surprised it survived the trip though the hinges were broken and the... Continue Reading →

Designing an IoT Modular Light feat. TI

Its been a while since this project and I really havn't had the time to write a blogpost in a while. Last year, I made an IoT light for the roadtest plus where I used a lot of technology from Texas Instruments and Wurth Electronics. TI was kind enough to showcase the build on... Continue Reading →

Setting up a CC3200 with Energia

Introduction & Background Bits This blog post is part of a Project titled "IoT Lamp" and also serves as a tutorial for the CC3200 and Energia beginner. I wanted to have a wireless connection to the light so that I may be able to control the color, brightness etc like in the case of phillips... Continue Reading →

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