Using the BusPirate to see if it’s Alive- TI HDC1000

I2C Testing with the Buspirate This mini article is part of a larger project an I will link to it at the end. For this project, I was required to use the TI HDC1000 and instead of buying a module, I decided to get samples and a make a PCB of my own. This would... Continue Reading →

Writing a protocol on Arduino on Serial Interrupts – The Tree Controller Code

Preface My project for the Internet of Holoday lights was based around our living room which was not very livable. It was a mess and with the upcoming holidays I wanted to set the living room in such a way that it would be suitable for entertaining guests. Additionally I wanted to accomplish the above... Continue Reading →

Motor Driver Test on an Arduino

Introduction There are prolly a billion tutorials for this and mine is prolly not the best but I am writing it anyways. Here is a piece of arduino code that can be used to test if your motor driver is connected correctly. Connections I am assuming that the motor driver L293D or L298 has been... Continue Reading →

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