Inverter AC buying guide and Daikin India Inverter AC review

Summers in India are usually very tough and the only way we can work in the office or in some parts, sleep at nights, is under the cool air of an Air conditioning unit. There are so many companies that manufacture AC units and supply them in India, that the choice has become extremely difficult.... Continue Reading →

TI Fuel Tank BoosterPack & MSP430F5529 Launchpad – Review

Disclamer: I respect the work put in my every design engineer. I understand that they did the best job that they could and will learn over time. This text is in no way telling anyone that they did a bad job. I'm just suggesting changes which may or may not be practical or even usefu... Continue Reading →

Review: PiFace Control and Design

Introduction The raspberry pi is a cheap and highly customizable single board computer with gpio pins which can be used to control electronics. There are many ways to expand the functionality of the pi and a company called piface is in the business of making add on boards to do just that. One of the... Continue Reading →

Orcad vs Eagle: Yet Another Comparison.

Introduction I read a lot of articles online with regards to Board design Software and two names kept popping up: "Cadence Orcad" and "Cadsoft Eagle". I have been an avid user of Orcad since 2005 and have learned to use it more professionally and accurately with the years. I have also invested a lot of... Continue Reading →

Wiimote and GlovePIE

> I went through some old stuff I had in boxes and I dug up two things that I thought were very useful. An Old Bluetooth Headset. A Nintendo Wiimote. The Bluetooth headset was in pretty bad shape and I thought it only fair to put it out of its misery. So I cut it... Continue Reading →

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