Designing an IoT Modular Light feat. TI

Its been a while since this project and I really havn’t had the time to write a blogpost in a while. Last year, I made an IoT light for the roadtest plus where I used a lot of technology from Texas Instruments and Wurth Electronics. TI was kind enough to showcase the build on their power house blog and I wrote a two part series for the same. 

I could copy-paste the post here but why not see the posts at e2e directly hence here are the links.

Click HERE for part one of the series where I explain the basics of the design and why driving LEDs is a pain.

Click HERE for part two where the final build is showcased and I reveal how the final thing looks.

The complete code is provided via GitHub and you are most welcome to use any part as along is you credit me for the original code.

See ya next time.

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